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Human Development Park of the Alajuelita canton in the final stretch

June 26, 2023

©UNOPS/Gustavo Consenza

This June, the project for the Human Development Park in the canton of Alajuelita is preparing for its inauguration. With 97.5% progress, the final details in the construction of the work are being carried out.

One of the spaces that is the most attractive for the community, is the three-level skatepark. This space will be one of the highest quality in the country for practicing sports such as skating or BMX.

©UNOPS/Gustavo Consenza

Progress has also been made in the placement of the new pedestrian bridges that connect the El Jazmín community with the district of Tejarcillos. These bridges are part of the 1.6-kilometer route of trails for pedestrian use, bike paths, and mixed-use, which are now finished.

©UNOPS/Amanda Campos

The activities currently underway include the installation of poles and lamps for the lighting system, and the grass laying for the green areas surrounding the other construction's components.

©UNOPS/Gustavo Consenza


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