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A Caring Christmas for Children Living Near the Bridge over the Virilla River

Around 200 children took part in a Christmas party on December 6th, close to the construction site of the bridge over the Virilla River, near the Saprissa stadium.

The children, who are in a condition of risk and social vulnerability, live in Barrio El Socorro, close to the Bridge.

UNOPS participated in and supported the activity, sharing an afternoon full of surprises, food, and fun, contributed by its staff and other institutions and organizations that came together to make this space a reality. This event has been taking place for 6 years and is managed by the local committee called Semillitas de Amor. UNOPS was invited to participate in this initiative as part of the social management and communication work carried out as part of an integrated approach to project management.

It is hoped to replicate in the future these types of integration spaces in communities adjacent to the projects being addressed, extending the invitation to other Agencies of the United Nations System.


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