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Road Safety Education: Creating Safe Futures for 800 Children in Limón

San Jose, June 25, 2024

Aiming to strengthen road safety and promote a culture of safe mobility from an early age, the National Road Council (CONAVI), in collaboration with the Social Management Department of UNOPS Costa Rica, has initiated a series of educational workshops for students in communities near National Route 32.

This initiative, which will extend through the current and next school year, aims to benefit approximately 800 students and teachers from around 20 schools in the Atlantic region, specifically in the cantons of Pococí, Guácimo, Siquirres, Matina, and Limón.

Efraím Zeledón, Acting Executive Director of CONAVI, emphasized the importance of these workshops, highlighting that they foster a new road safety culture among students in light of the changes brought by the highway expansion. “Road safety education is essential for preventing traffic accidents. That is why, with the support of a team of experts, we constantly review the needs of Route 32 users and provide resources to improve road safety in the communities,” said Zeledón.

Alexandra Kianman, Director and Representative of UNOPS in Costa Rica, Panama, and the Caribbean, highlighted the social impact of the project on the quality of life of the children in the communities adjacent to National Route 32. “This project allows us to continue working as a partner that adds value to infrastructure projects from a sustainability perspective, focused on complementing capacities and contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. At the same time, we strengthen the culture of road safety from an early age,” Kianman noted.

The workshops will be conducted in three sessions, covering topics such as “Road Conservation,” “Road Safety for Pedestrians and Cyclists”, and “Traffic Rights and Emotional Control”. Each session, lasting one hour and 30 minutes, offers a variety of educational materials, including books, videos, and interactive games.

These training sessions aim to improve students’ knowledge of traffic signals and safe mobility practices, reduce traffic incidents in school areas, and foster a positive attitude towards road safety and respect for traffic rules.

The expansion project of National Route 32, which is 88.6% complete, covers a total of 69 kilometers in several sections and includes the implementation of the Traffic Management Plan, enabling four lanes. The project is expected to be completed during the first half of 2025.

For more information about the project and future activities, visit the website.


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