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Sint Maarten and UNOPS sign a new host country agreement

Updated: Mar 7

UNOPS will support Sint Maarten's efforts to increase resilience to climate change, strengthen the rule of law, and advance towards the 2030 Agenda. The opening of the UNOPS office reflects the Sint Maarten Government's commitment to expanding its foreign relations, building capacity, and strengthening international partnerships.


UNOPS and the government of Sint Maarten have signed a new country agreement to support sustainable development in the Caribbean. The agreement was signed by the Prime Minister and Minister of General Affairs of Sint Maarten, Silveria E. Jacobs, and the Deputy Chief Financial Officer of UNOPS, Lilian Nyang'aya (on behalf of the Acting Executive Director of UNOPS). The Minister of Justice of Sint Maarten, Anna E. Richardson, and the Deputy Ambassador of the Netherlands to Denmark, Arne Brandsma, also attended.

The opening of the UNOPS office reflects the Sint Maarten government's commitment to expanding foreign relations, capacity building, and strengthening international partnerships.
Silveria E. Jacobs - Prime Minister of Sint Maarten

Through this partnership, UNOPS will support a $4 million project funded by the Government of the Netherlands to improve the rule of law facilities in Sint Maarten, which have been affected by climate change. This will include providing support in design and procurement for the new Point Blanche prison, ensuring full integration of human rights as well as social, gender, climate, and environmental considerations.

"The agreement will facilitate UNOPS's presence in Sint Maarten and the execution of the prison project currently led by the Department of Judicial Affairs and the Cabinet of the Minister of Justice," Prime Minister Jacobs stated.

Being a small island in the Caribbean, Sint Maarten is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and faces a unique set of development and environmental challenges. Through this agreement, UNOPS aims to increase its support to Small Island Developing States* in the Caribbean and beyond, in line with The SAMOA Pathway. The work will focus on building resilient and inclusive infrastructure, supporting good governance, and promoting long-term sustainable development.

UNOPS stands ready to support Sint Maarten in its efforts to develop sustainable and resilient infrastructure, and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, something especially urgent in light of the severe challenges posed by the climate crisis. This agreement is a key positive step in this direction.
Lilian Nyang’aya - UNOPS Deputy Chief Financial Officer

UNOPS will establish an office in Philipsburg, the capital of Sint Maarten, to lead operations in the country.


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